The local SOHO on Curaçao:The Pietermaai District.

Curaçao has many colorful houses where you can discover alleys with all sorts of murals and monumental buildings. Pietermaai District is at the center of it all. Here you will find beautifully restored villas from the Dutch Colonial times and currently, it is the hotspot for nightlife, boutique hotels, and restaurants & bars.

Culturally rich and layered with history

It is said that the area is named after a Dutch captain, called Pieter de Meij. In the early 18th century – due to lack of space – wealthy merchants settled here within the city walls which resulted in a well-developed suburb of villas. However, In the late 20th century the neighborhood became increasingly dominated by drug dealers, which resulted in wealthier families moving to other areas on the island and Pietermaai started losing its glory. Today, Pietermaai has restored itself to the beautiful area it once was although you can see some remains of the lesser time. The majority of the houses have been beautifully restored, and in the last decade, many businesses have settled in Pietermaai.

An historic district with a thriving street art, music & culinary scene

During the day you can meet local artists in the area as well as professionals, travelers and students. There are some student dormitories located in the heart of Pietermaai, which are mostly interns from The Netherlands. There are cozy cafes on every corner, small shops, trendy boutique hotels, and excellent restaurants. – most of them in impressive architectural buildings. Keep an eye out for the street art, you can find it in the whole area! Pietermaai District is safe and is easily walkable. And if you love live music, in the evenings Pietermaai becomes a Mecca for music lovers, especially on the weekends and during happy hours. Have a drink during sunset and dance the night away! Definitely on our list of things to do in Curacao!


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